What is a Texpert anyway?
...and what's the difference between TEXPERT and Texpert?
The company name is TEXPERT which comes from what we call the technology experts on our team, they are "Texperts".  Texperts are either Junior Texperts or Senior Texperts, based on their current training and experience level.  Senior Texperts are trusted with the most challenging of repairs and on-site services, while our Junior Texperts handle the more common repairs and services.  TEXPERT (the company) specializes in the repair of all your favorite electronics and provides a comprehensive on-site technology services solution for residential, commercial and industrial environments.
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TEXPERT Services
  1. Repair Expertise
    TEXPERT provides Repair Expertise for a wide gamut of electronics devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, game system consoles, and many other gadgets that we use to make our daily life easier.
  2. On-Site Expertise
    TEXPERT provides comprehensive on-site Technology Expertise that includes everything from basic tech support, troubleshooting and repair to consulting, advanced installation and custom integration.
  3. Training & Tutoring
    TEXPERT provides Educational Expertise that includes one-on-one tutoring and company staff training on a variety of topics related to the digital lifestyle and workflow that our world is made up of today.
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